Advertising / Marketing Creative Development Research

Creative Development Research exposes existing and potential customers to communication concepts (TV, Print, Web, Out of Home –Billboard) and is designed to understand and explore the appeal and key interest drivers among the target demographic. Thus, this type of research represents an exciting opportunity to really understand consumers’ motivations, how they think and feel about the creative messaging, and factors that could make an impact and improve future messaging to this market. Its value lies in understanding why consumers feel the way they do in order to better determine what advertising can do to make the messaging more impactful and meaningful to the target audience. Our distinct Creative Development Research methods foster and encourage a collaborative effort with the agency’s creative team, which ultimately results in breakthrough communication that really connects and motivates the end user.

Package Design Evaluation Research

Packaging is the last opportunity to influence consumers, and the best chance to sell a product. Good design can capture shoppers’ attention, communicate brand values, convey product benefits, and win hearts. It demands a design process with consumer perceptions at the core of it all. The better the package design and copy, the greater the likelihood that consumers will choose the brand. Our Packaging Design Research inspires, informs and guides design projects, so your packaging—and product—break through the clutter, ultimately leading to increases in sales.

New Product Development Research

Product Testing is one of the most important types of research any company ever conducts. Achieving clear-cut product superiority in a category is the surest way to build brand share, engender customer loyalty, and boost profitability. In our ever-changing world, consumer tastes are a moving target as they evolve over time. Successful companies continually “take the pulse” of the end user and the market, and capitalize on that insight and understanding. Let our New Product Development Research give you the wisdom to make sure your product launches take off.

Usability Testing / User Experience Research

Our UX sessions allow companies to observe first-hand as consumers interact with their website, app or interactive media. During UX sessions we assess overall ease of use, architecture and navigational flow, content, look and feel, brand image, brand fit, and positioning. Our UX Research provides insight into current usage patterns, unmet wants and needs, satisfaction levels, and most importantly, opportunities for improving the online and overall user experience.

Brand Positioning Research

Successful brands understand the importance of creating a relevant, unique and motivating foundation from which all communication is created. Our Brand Positioning Research identifies the best way to gain a place in the consumer’s mind that really connects and is emotionally compelling. We explore consumers’ emotional and rational needs, motivations and barriers, teasing apart the conscious rationales and subconscious drivers in order to identify the optimal strategies to reach and motivate them. Perfect for both established brands and brands in their infancy, our Brand Positioning Research identifies opportunities to lay the foundation for creating a strong rapport with your end user.


""I’ve had the privilege of working with Canova Research on several projects over the years and couldn’t be happier with the results. Canova Research does an amazing job of managing a project from start to finish no matter how complicated or unorthodox it may be. Time and time again they have delivered compelling consumer insights and actionable recommendations. The Merchandising and Product teams I work with are always extremely happy the with findings and detailed reporting – working with Canova Research makes my job a whole lot easier!"

Eric Springsted
adidas AG-Global Market Research

"“Canova Research consistently delivers consumer insights and actionable recommendations assisting both Kellogg’s and our agency partners to deliver “best in class” advertising, positioning, and innovation.”

John Ross
Kellogg’s-Senior Manager, Market Research

"“Canova Research developed a really creative approach to diving into our business issues, and then helped to turn the information gathered into compelling insights.”

Bernadette Miller
Gap Inc. -Consumer Insights

"“When he’s in the focus group room, John puts everyone at ease – the respondents and the clients. He rolls up his sleeves, moves around, and gets everyone talking. And his detailed reports help us make the right decisions.”

Mark Halton
Vice President, Campbell Mithun Chicago-Director, Strategic Planning and Research

"“Canova Research did a terrific job with our “non-traditional” research project. I feel that John was very intuitive and his questions were thought provoking. Research participants found him easy to talk to and informed about process. Importantly, his results were very thorough, insightful and helpful in moving our organization forward.”

Jeanne Figo
Kelloggs-Seven Worldwide Advertising & Design


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    Note: Please do not contact us if you are interested in being a focus group participant since we do not handle this part of the research process. Contact your local focus group facility and ask to be added to their database. Thank you.