Our team uses a variety of established and breakthrough methods to deliver actionable insights.

Online Focus Groups

Online Focus Groups are comprised of participants from the target interest group who log on to our special research software platform at a pre-arranged time. During online discussions, participants interact with each other, as well as the moderator, in real time to generate deeper insights about the topic. Key benefits of online focus groups are:

  • Ability to engage participants from multiple geographic locations in one virtual place at one time
  • Access to hard-to-reach populations
  • Reduction in travel expenses and logistics
  • Greater perceived anonymity for discussing sensitive subject matter or controversial topics

Online Bulletin Boards

Conducted over a period of time rather than in real time, the Online Bulletin Board Research Methodology allows participants to take more time to formulate answers, resulting in a richness of information and insights not always accessible in real-time methodologies. Furthermore, respondents enjoy the convenience of being able to log in and complete research assignments when it is convenient for them. Online Bulletin Boards encourage in-depth exploration of topics, on-going product or service evaluation, and brainstorming of ideas.

Our Bulletin Boards are typically held as multi-day sessions (roughly 3-5 days) during which participants answer questions posted by a moderator and respond to comments posted by other participants. The full discussion is visible to the moderator and participants, as well as to client observers who can watch from a virtual back room. It is possible to embed stimuli such as photos or video to elicit feedback.

Focus Groups / Consumer Workshops

We use the group dynamic of Focus Groups to create engaging, insightful and thoughtful conversations. Our consumer workshops are moderator-led discussions among a group of individuals who share a need, habit, or life circumstance relevant to the research issue(s) at hand. Typically one to two hours in length, a focus group discussion often includes from two to ten respondents. In our Focus Group sessions Canova Research applies a fresh approach to consumer exploration, creative testing, new product development and concept optimization.


Sometimes insights are best gleaned when you accompany shoppers in stores. It’s the best way to truly understand what really goes through the mind of the shopper during the shopping / purchase process. Shopalongs are a great way to explore the perceptions, opinions, beliefs, and attitudes in real time and in the context of the real-world environment.

Ethnographic Interviews

There’s nothing like talking to consumers in their own homes, regardless of the category, to get deep insights. Ethnographies are interviews that take place in the natural setting and under the typical circumstances where participants engage with a given product, service, or activity. Observing what people do, not just what they say, results in a holistic view of the product, service, or activity in the larger context of the participant’s world. Ethnographies are particularly helpful for understanding consumer behavior, usage patterns, and purchase and decision-making processes. We often videotape Ethnographies and edit relevant footage into presentations that highlight key research findings.

In-depth Interviews

We conduct structured, one-on-one or friends/ family interviews to focus on individual responses and reactions. These are particularly useful for hard-to-reach audiences, like business executives, or for sensitive subject matter like certain healthcare topics.


""I’ve had the privilege of working with Canova Research on several projects over the years and couldn’t be happier with the results. Canova Research does an amazing job of managing a project from start to finish no matter how complicated or unorthodox it may be. Time and time again they have delivered compelling consumer insights and actionable recommendations. The Merchandising and Product teams I work with are always extremely happy the with findings and detailed reporting – working with Canova Research makes my job a whole lot easier!"

Eric Springsted
adidas AG-Global Market Research

"“Canova Research consistently delivers consumer insights and actionable recommendations assisting both Kellogg’s and our agency partners to deliver “best in class” advertising, positioning, and innovation.”

John Ross
Kellogg’s-Senior Manager, Market Research

"“Canova Research developed a really creative approach to diving into our business issues, and then helped to turn the information gathered into compelling insights.”

Bernadette Miller
Gap Inc. -Consumer Insights

"“When he’s in the focus group room, John puts everyone at ease – the respondents and the clients. He rolls up his sleeves, moves around, and gets everyone talking. And his detailed reports help us make the right decisions.”

Mark Halton
Vice President, Campbell Mithun Chicago-Director, Strategic Planning and Research

"“Canova Research did a terrific job with our “non-traditional” research project. I feel that John was very intuitive and his questions were thought provoking. Research participants found him easy to talk to and informed about process. Importantly, his results were very thorough, insightful and helpful in moving our organization forward.”

Jeanne Figo
Kelloggs-Seven Worldwide Advertising & Design


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    Note: Please do not contact us if you are interested in being a focus group participant since we do not handle this part of the research process. Contact your local focus group facility and ask to be added to their database. Thank you.